There are no roads that cannot be driven

DMR Car Rental - the quality of a philosophy

We are what we do.

In 2005, when we established the company, we set the goal of reshaping this profession and adjusting it to new uses and habits, new technologies and new requirements.

There is still a long way to go to make our wish come true, but today we can proudly say we have transferred our values and our ideas to many people encountered in these years.

Few minutes, hours, entire days dedicated to people that, travelling on our vehicles, took us into their worlds, allowing us to know, understand and learn and sometimes also to suggest, discuss and exchange views; people met even once, but able to leave a great little sign.

This is what we are: people daily in contact with thousands of different worlds where everyone does his duty in the best way, people to rely on, who are aware of the privilege of sharing ideas and thoughts, people trying to repay all that offering professional competence, friendliness, liking and protection.

  • Airport transfers
  • Minibus rental with driver
  • Car service + Hotel Padua
  • Tourist transfers
  • Vehicles available for events and meetings
  • Delivery/collection documentation urgent
  • Service representative
  • Italian-foreign service
  • Show and concert shuttles
  • Ceremonies