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Engines and Flavors itinerary (10 hours)

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One day in "engines land", the Italian region where worldwide famous sport cars and food and wine masterpieces can be descovered and appreciate.

Departure is expected from Padova and/or Venice and/or Vicenza and/or Verona at 07:30-08:30.

Arrival at Maranello (Mo), Ferrari’s headquarter, and museum tour where the most victorious F1 vehicles, cars and competition prototypes, which have gained extraordinary victories in the history of motor racing and where the most beautiful and famous road vehicles are exhibited in a visit that will enhance every fan’s (but not only) curiosity and emotion.

Moving towards Modena, a stop will be made at the entrance of the city where the ancient Acetaia Malpighi is located, to discover the production, ripening and maturing processes of one of the most distinctive products of Italian culinary and wine art, known around the whole world: the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena where there will be tasting and purchasing opportunities.

Traditional lunch

The tour will proceed towards the Enzo Ferrari Museum of Modena, built around the old house and the first repair shop of the “Drake”, where the very first vehicles of the prancing horse were created, some of which are exposed together with a collection of other models used in famous movies. A multimedia show will envelop the audience through the various stages of the brand’s history and founder’s life.

Visit to TerraQuilia winery where organic wines are produced following the place’s own philosophy, the “Metodo Ancestrale”, consisting of the natural re-fermentation in the bottle without the addition of additives and without filtration and pasteurization to maintain and enhance the flavors and aromas typical of the - with tasting and purchasing opportunities.

Some places are seat of exhibitions and museums and have environments/possessions/collections/finds that can be visited against payment and/or upon reservation during opening times to the public. The access and visit of these places is never included in the proposed itineraries. If interested, we can arrange the visit that however will be regarded as an independent service upon request.

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