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Riviera and Lagoon (6/7-hour length)

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Archivio fotografico della Provincia di Padova / Ph. F. Sabbion

The 6/7-hour itinerary combines the Brenta Riviera, very famous local attraction, with the Lagoon, another very charming territory only recently rediscovered and very close to the land and to its ancient traditions.

The itinerary starts from Padua and, travelling along the whole Brenta Riviera as far as the gates of Venice, you can admire wonderful Villas and stop to visit the most significant ones.

Then, moving to the south along the Road to Rome (Via Romea), that in many stretches is built on the original lay-out of an ancient road of the Middle Ages connecting Venice to Rome ("Romea" comes from here), you get to the "Saccisica", located in the most southern-eastern area of the territory where the province of Padua gets to the sea. Stop at Valle Millecampi in the heart of the Venice lagoon and visit to the Cason delle Sacche, ancient hunters inn overlooking the valley. Then the itinerary continues to the Oasis Ca' di Mezzo, protected natural area essential for the phytodepuration that reflects the marshy nature of the territory and the relevant reclamation operations.

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On the way back stop at Piove di Sacco, very ancient Palaeovenetian settlement and logistical centre during the Roman era, often sacked and destroyed because of the floods. Then stop at a Venetian restored Casone, typical ancient house of the territory.

Getting back to Padua, stop at a little very ancient Byzantine church that is still concealing an unsolved mystery.

Some places are seat of exhibitions and museums and have environments/possessions/collections/finds that can be visited against payment and/or upon reservation during opening times to the public. The access and visit of these places is never included in the proposed itineraries. If interested, we can arrange the visit that however will be regarded as an independent service upon request.

If interested, we can arrange the visit that however will be regarded as an independent service upon request.

Meals are not included: we recommend some typical quality places along the route that can be changed or excluded from the itinerary by previous agreement.

It is possible to combine, either before or after, the visit of Padua.

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