There are no roads that cannot be driven

Rental With Driver (RWD) this stranger

The RWD (Rental With Driver) is often regarded as the alternative to the traditional TAXI service.

It is true because it shares the same regulation and so it is a public transport service for people.

It is true that we are authorized to access to LTAs and reserved lanes and we can transit even in case of traffic restrictions, just like any taxi.

Moreover it is true that the customer is not an ordinary passenger to us, one who gets on here and gets off there, and it is also true that we present ourselves with our name and our history, not with initials or numbers.

But in our opinion the basic difference consists in the service philosophy itself that, reflecting in the best way the customer/supplier relationship, lays the foundations of a targeted services supply, that is often customized and aims at creating a relaxed atmosphere of mutual confidence to make you feel safe and in good hands.

Our services are only available upon reservation.

So from the very first contacts we establish a dialogue and determine the service needed, trying immediately to tailor it according to the customer's requirements and expectations. And finally we propose a service or a range of services that are customized as much as possible.

And everything under clear conditions from the very beginning, with fixed agreed amounts.

Certainly, in case of immediate need, the convenience of a TAXI is matchless but, if you can spend a minimum of time trying to consider the service proposed and realize its differences, the solutions offered by the RWD are unlikely to disappoint the customer.

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  • Airport transfers
  • Minibus rental with driver
  • Car service + Hotel Padua
  • Tourist transfers
  • Vehicles available for events and meetings
  • Delivery/collection documentation urgent
  • Service representative
  • Italian-foreign service
  • Show and concert shuttles
  • Ceremonies