There are no roads that cannot be driven

DMR Car rental with driver (rwd): your journey starts here...

Try to imagine what the words "car rental with driver" mean to you:

  1. A livery driver opening your door?
  2. A journey on board of a large flexible vehicle?

The answer is ... both, and much more!!!

The flexibility and variety of our car rental with driver services set no limits to the solutions we can offer for your business, for your personal engagements and for your leisure time.

Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Venice, Brenta Riviera are our most important destinations, but we can go anywhere ...

  • Do you think the Car Rental With Driver service is not fit for you?
  • Do you believe that making use of a vehicle with driver is an exclusive privilege of people having good means?

Don't be deceived by appearances, it is not true.

Our Car Rental with Driver services are arranged to be within everybody's reach.

Whether you wish a refined five-star service or you prefer a simple affordable solution, you only have to choose the most suitable service for your requirements.

Whether you choose our Business rental service with official car and driver at your disposal or you prefer our Economy rental service with a simple versatile vehicle, you journey starts here with us.

Prenota un tour per la città di Padova Prenota ora un trasferimento Padova-Aeroporto Venezia
  • Airport transfers
  • Minibus rental with driver
  • Car service + Hotel Padua
  • Tourist transfers
  • Vehicles available for events and meetings
  • Delivery/collection documentation urgent
  • Service representative
  • Italian-foreign service
  • Show and concert shuttles
  • Ceremonies