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Quality rental with driver

Our quality goes beyond appearances.

A term that is often used inopportunely and with such an arrogance to belittle its meaning: today anyone offers only and exclusively quality products, as shown by close analysis, by the use of selected row materials, by the support of qualified personnel etc. etc. etc.
But, if you check carefully, only some are able to keep their promise and offer true quality.

What does quality mean in our sector?

  • It certainly means vehicles that are always efficient, clean, safe and comfortable, but in particular in compliance with the laws in force.
  • It certainly means elegant qualified personnel meeting all the requirements provided for by the law and able to speak several foreign languages.
  • It certainly means punctuality, fairness, elegance, flexibility, kindness and many other charming terms.

But in our philosophy the quality concept means much more.

In fact we do not regard our job as a simple transfer service of people moving from one place to another, but as a range of services including also the transfer of people.

We guarantee several solutions, managing true transport orders.
We guarantee a complete real support, from the service choice till its conclusion.

We comply with the customers' requirements and we adapt ourselves according to the services we have been asked for:

  • so we will be careful not to bother customers travelling for business, but we will give several information and brief historical notes to people asking for tourist services;
  • we will adopt an even more comfortable driving style for customers needing to rest but, if you want to amuse yourself, we will do our best to make your journey pleasant.

This is our Quality.

If you travel with us, you will recognize and appreciate these details, as many other customers already did getting to know our company.

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  • Airport transfers
  • Minibus rental with driver
  • Car service + Hotel Padua
  • Tourist transfers
  • Vehicles available for events and meetings
  • Delivery/collection documentation urgent
  • Service representative
  • Italian-foreign service
  • Show and concert shuttles
  • Ceremonies